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This June, BLACK CURRANT is going live as the new music platform from Holland with simple, fun, creative and intelligent content – not only for its readers, but also for the artists involved. Promotion for musicians doesn't have to be a boring interview on a chair in the back of a venue, especially when they're often visiting the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. In our articles we'll take them on adventures to awesome places in town to do a fun activity or shoot. Questions can be about their tour or album if they want, but can also be related to their other hobbies, interests, thoughts about the world or the activity we're doing. Just to name a few. The readers will get to see the band as the cool people they are, whilst having some real fun as well.


BLACK CURRANT consists of good writing and original photography, done by a small team of people who have been working in the traits for some years now and know what they like. The team has a focus on music, but is taking things one step further