bad breeding

"Bad Breeding is the punk band Britain needs", "real old school punk" and "ready to kickstart a revolution" – those are some of the things we find when googling the band from Stevenage, a small commuter-town just 28 miles above London. It made us curious. Are these guys the real old school punk deal? To put that to the test we took them to Amsterdam's self-proclaimed last real punk bar, The Minds, where the music is loud and the beer is cheap. We started off with a little Punk Quiz to test their knowledge.

Now there are two kinds of punkers: the ones that just make a lot of noise, and the 'real anarchists' that are actually thinking and caring about the world around them. These boys definitely turned out to be the second ones. Although they didn't exactly score an A on our test, they had enough to say, so we forgive them for that part. Chris and Angus were real good conversation partners with a big social conscience. After the quiz we talked a bit more about how to be punk ("Just be pissed off about something and dare to say it!"). 

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Michèle van Vliet